INTRODUCTION: Toward a better and more livable life.

This is the 1st in a series of 17, to be published every 3 days.

We have a need to create an enduring, humane social safety net, without stifling the benefits of capitalism, so people will be allowed to flourish, develop their full potential and live a meaningful life. We need to eliminate all of the inequities rampant in our country. Many of the ideas in this manifesto are borrowed from two sources: The Green Parties “Green New Deal” and AOC/Markey’s “Green New Deal”. Some of the points in these two sources are too radical, even for me. I have filtered out what I think is unreasonable. I’ve added in some ideas from other outspoken, forward thinkers, and even added a thought or two of my own. I have tried to come up with something more comprehensive than either of the two plans, something that will further our society and pay for itself. Many people are crying the blues about how much social change will “cost”. My position is it will cost very little. What will change is when the price will be paid and who will pay it. Since the beginning of Reaganomics, we have been borrowing from the future at an increasing rate. Trickle down doesn’t work. We need to get in a pay as you go mode and not push this huge bow-wave of debt in front of us.

I would be disappointed if many of the ideas presented in this series were new to you. I consider them a starting point. I challenge you to do better, but do something. All the ideas presented in this paper integrate together and are synergistic. We must push a comprehensive plan of reform. This is a manifesto on what government can do to improve the country we live in and thereby improve the world. Our country is currently very flawed and needs fixing. In writing this, I am not representing any group. While many of the ideas are borrowed, this is my own work. I don’t have all the answers, it’s hard enough coming up with the questions.

A long time ago, I was a worker bee on a negotiating team. We were presenting our strategy to upper management. About half way through the presentation, the manger interrupted and said words to the effect: “you are approaching this with a scalpel when you should be using a meat axe”. While an approach this aggressive is not always the right way, sometimes it is necessary to attain a workable goal. We need to come at this hard.

There are a total of seventeen posts in this series. The length of each post is not indicative of the import of the subject covered. Nothing should be left out. I expect some of the content will irritate a certain portion of the population. I may receive some irate comments. I expect that. Let’s try to find some common ground in a calm manner and solve these problems for the good of our country. We need a focused, unified approach.

I want our country and the world to be a better place. The list of things needing to be done is almost endless. Starting from any base, it is possible for the average human to imagine only so much. I have come up with a list of things I see as needing to be addressed to get to my current definition of a Utopia. This is a constantly moving target, but we must start somewhere. There will always be more to do.

The topics I have chosen to cover in this manifesto should not be considered everything that needs to be addressed, but tackling all of them would create a dramatic change in the way we live and make this country a much happier place to live.

I realize the problem is higher than MT Everest, but if we start and keep at it, we can get to the top. Any problem, no matter how large, can be broken down into pieces small enough that something can be done today. We should try to make some progress, no matter how little, every day. If we start accomplishing things and keep track of our progress, our enthusiasm for change will grow and self-propagate. I believe all the issues should be put on the table at once. People using special leverage or rules to stymie progress should be called out. This should be sold to the general population, the majority. I’m a firm believer in the economic system being able to adapt. Phase some of the changes in and the system will take care of itself.

One of the reasons for having much of this done at the Federal level is to give some help to areas of the country not as economically advantaged, but with good people, able to make a contribution.

A satisfaction with being a part of a new social order. Thinking of new ways to approach the problems of our country. That’s why I’m writing. If you have comments or suggestions, please include a comment.



  1. I agree that we need to do something if we want to see change. The start is sorting out our own thoughts on the subject (research, etc) and having rational (respectful/caring) dialogue that includes listening. In my humble opinion, our USA culture is great at sharing our thoughts but deficient when it comes to listening to other’s thoughts. Listening, really listening, is hard.

    I’m looking forward to this series and hope to add intelligent questions and comments. Thank you Pete.


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