This is the 4th in a series of 17, to be published every 3 days.

I will be updating the BIBLIOGRAPHY as installments are published.

This is a bomb ready to explode. There is a good idea of when and as time goes on, the fix becomes ever more difficult. A small tweak to the rates would fix the problem and most people wouldn’t notice the change in their check. Social security was not originally intended to be the cornerstone of retirement, but over time it has taken on an increasingly larger role in the functioning of society. As part of our slow progress towards a better world, Social Security becomes a bigger factor. We take on the responsibility to provides a progressively higher minimum standard of living for all our citizens. We should be looking at a small increase at the minimum levels of payment to provide a better life for those dependent on this, who weren’t fortunate enough to work at a job that would entitle them to a higher benefit.

I understand this can be a political hot potato, but our Representatives and Senators need to get off their asses, screw up some courage and do it. The explosion probably won’t have a big impact on me, but I can’t just sit here. To do nothing is benign complicity and there are consequences. The current estimate is about a 30% reduction in benefits in about 15 years. The majority of people receiving Social Security benefits need them to maintain some semblance of a quality life. As a society, how can we consciously decide innocent people don’t deserve a reasonable quality of life? This can easily be prevented with small tweaks in the system if we act now. Why haven’t we moved? Our legislators are theoretically in office to serve the needs of the majority of the people. They need to do their job.


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