More About Blogging

I’m entering my fifth month blogging. It’s been a strange and interesting journey. I have never been much of a writer, but that has changed. I don’t know how long writing for the world to see will be important to me. For some it’s a lifetime passion. I didn’t start until a point in my life when many think it’s almost over.

Blogging is an interesting concept, made popular by the ease of accessing the internet. Is there anybody who’s life isn’t impacted by the internet? A person can set up a blog in about an hour and say almost anything they want. It doesn’t have to play to a large market. You can do it for free if you have a connection. If you can’t afford a connection, I assume you can blog from the public library. It is the most democratic, non-discriminatory media available for social comment, philosophy, or just babbling. I’ve done all of these. Does it serve a useful place in our society? Yes. Could it be done better than it is? Yes, but that would partly undermine its character and its role as a vehicle for change. It is an effective way to get a multitude of ideas out there for people to think about. I’ve seen more ideas with slight variations since I have been blogging. As I blogger, I read many blogs for inspiration, ideas to comment on, and just a different perspective. It’s good to see views different from your own.

I’ve read a little about how to grow an audience for your blog. The conventional wisdom is to focus on one topic or genre. My sometimes contrary nature forces me to do the opposite and let the chips fall where they may. My topic selection is eclectic, but I do tend to focus on political and social issues. I am currently working on a seventeen part series on how I feel the country should be run. Everyone has their own theories on how this should be done. The difference is I’m going to put mine out there for everyone to see. In my reading about how to write, one of the problems some writers face is turning loose of their writing. Is it done yet? Is it good enough? I am experiencing some of these feelings with my Manifesto for Change. It for sure needs more work, but I am setting a tentative target to publish the first installment on February 18, 2019, with additional installments every three days after. It needs to be in final form before I start to make sure it fits together, at least in my mind. When it does start running, I would appreciate any feedback.