31 sustainable medieval bride wear disturb

Deer grazing in a mountain meadow

Sustainable peace on a spring day mellow

Bears eating wild berries with flavor rife

Do not disturb their flow of life

Rabbits raiding my garden, many crimes

This hasn’t changed since medieval times

Spring is the bride of the new year

It is the harbinger of all that is clear

Colorful are the clothes we wear

Start each new day without a care

32 compass quick anchor echo pander

To make it through life, we need a compass

A meandering course will lead to a morass

A quick decision is not always the right thing

The wrong choice can leave the heart aching

Don’t pander to the wants of others

Believe all troubles will pass

To echo their thoughts is self-betrayal

The words of wise ones are not drivel

Anchor yourself in the now

A life of peace, confidence will endow

33 fresh rust betrayal feral reason

Do not conform, live life feral

Embrace the color purple

A fresh perspective makes the challenge easier

To prepare, be a lifelong learner

Reason is not always the solution

The path to follow is decisive action

Beware the betrayal of false information

Platitudes coated in obscuring rust

Are not the truths we should trust



The sweetness of life is a vindication

Doing the right thing is the anthem

The work of justice is never done

One day, a peaceful world we will become

Hard work and fortitude required here

Attention required, the end is near

We have the power, nothing to fear

We are common residents of this wondrous planet

The opportunities are an astonishing banquet

Respect and acceptance are required

The utopia we desire will be acquired


When feeling blue, I drive to the beach

While a fair drive, it’s within reach

The wind and miles of sand

Wash away the cares of the day as planned

The quiet little tourist town

Yuppies acting like a clown

Can’t leave town without caramel fudge

Need to walk, so waistline doesn’t budge

Starting peaceful drive home, troubles emptied

Back to regular life, no longer frenzied


Dance with me, the night is young

No rhyme or reason, the fun has begun

The music inhabits our soul

Moving around the floor, a tranquil stroll

The fantasy of life goes by in a blur

Reality disappears, ecstasy grows deeper

The world of dance is an amazing place

It might be the salvation of the human race

The legs ache from crazy abandon

Sadly, signaling the evening is done


It’s been a while since I’ve posted the five word challenge poetry. I’ve tried to incorporate some of the things I learned reading about poetry. It’s a little clunky and forced. Not my best work. I believe this exercise opens new pathways in the brain, expanding my horizons. I hope it does the same for you.

28 simplicity tinge nape ice kleptomaniac

A tinge of orange streaked the sky

Announcing the beginning of an eventful day

The nape of my neck dripping with sweat

Challenges looming, nary a threat

It won’t finish itself, enter the fray

Simplicity of approach, set goals high

Don’t let the kleptomaniac of time steal your day

Use it wisely, you have class

The clank of ice in the glass

Once again you have escaped the morass

29 monkey option panoply fold heifer

The panoply of wonders never ceases to amaze

Earth cradles and nourishes us, respect it

The black and white heifer grazes peacefully

Earth cradles and nourishes us, respect it

The monkey climbs, baby on back, banana in hand

Earth cradles and nourishes us, respect it

Universal kindness is not really an option

Earth cradles and nourishes us, respect it

Fold a vision of the future with today’s reality

Earth cradles and nourishes us, respect it

30 how avarice paralyze whisk portent

Let not the current situation portent future apocalypse

We can not watch as quality slips

The avarice of the few isn’t the destiny of the many

Bad news manifests daily

Let not the current trajectory paralyze the necessary change

A better world is what we must exchange

Working together is how the future is shaped

The surface has just been scraped

Status quo is not to be whisked into the future

Progress must be achieved without border


Against my better judgement, I have been reading some books on writing poetry. Some of it is helpful and some conflicts with my core writing values. These conflicts create a dissonance I hope I can wash away without too much influence on my writing.



I opened my spirit, I am in control

The heavy rush of air fills my soul

It reminded me of a fresh spring day

My morning cup of earl grey

Sweetened the start of another day

The delicious challenges awaiting me

I know I’m ready, I won’t flee

Adventure and experience sustain my soul

I follow my spirit, I am in control


I remember those days of shame

Friends don’t associate with my name

I alone carry the weight

The others have no cause to hate

Each day I meditate

To exorcise the feelings we all carry

To feel good, create a boundary

To live in the present

Makes all our lives pleasant


The dusty trail stretched ominously before me

Lined with brush, stones, and boulders

I could taste the heat and dust

Nary a tree in sight

From the glaring sun, no respite

In the distance, the view is blurry

In the day, no wildlife ventures out

The silence is almost a shout

Sweat coursing over my body

Hard to believe this was my choice

Yes, I am enjoying the strange form of fun

When I arrive back at my car

I still only see our lonely star



A tranquil, bucolic little town

Becomes beyond belief at sundown

The crimson sky highlights the beauty

The fishing boats on the rolling sea

This my home, my destiny

Take me back to my little town


Loneliness can be freedom, embrace it

It is not a curse, celebrate it

Allow yourself to stop the orbit

Be the harbinger of abundant truth

To deny it would be uncouth

Bring life to that which is youth

Be in solitude with your best friend

Allow your spirit to ascend

Let the tranquil mirth never end


Hand in hand we stood facing the wind

Many obstacles came before us

Hand in hand we stood facing the wind

Each day our differences clashed and battled

Hand in hand we stood facing the wind

Heartache and tragedy befell us

Hand in hand we stood facing the wind

Problems were addressed and conquered

The sun burst forth each new day

Life evolved into exceptional joy

Hand in hand we conquered the wind



Karma can be fickle and unpredictable

It can lead us on a path blissful

It can lead on a route to heartbreak

Only you can stop the ache

That karma exists, you needn’t agree

You are who you want to be

Ignore the meandering route to platitude

Chose the path to love and gratitude



Poetry is the vessel of life

It denies many a strife

It’s the undiluted essence of man

Like frozen fruit punch in a can

Mixed with a fifty percent vodka solution

Life is not an illusion

To be experienced, it must be read

This is not something to dread

The true story is in the reader’s head

Each time is different

Each person is different

It lets thoughts run free

Become who we were meant to be

Like a fine piece of artwork

Must include a person to make it work

However small, change is timeless

Becomes an inseparable part of us



The sea is powerful, lonesome, and desolate

Stand before it, not luck but kismet

Cast your fortune, harness it’s power

Comfort and excite for many an hour

All life began in its fury

Return to it now, cast off the worry



Love is a single flower in a grassy field

With freedom, it will increase the yield

The colors light and airy

Emotions as if touched by a fairy

Serenity drifts through consciousness and air

The eternal flame burns without a care

Resolute in its strength to conquer all

The synergy of love will never fall


The rain softly cascades down

The collective tears of humanity touch down

The catharsis of expression is freeing

Sends our cares and worries fleeing

Nourishing and encouraging springs new life

Shielding and escaping a life of strife

I stand in the rain, it doesn’t bother me

I can’t wait to revisit the sea


The kiss of hope

It’s a blissful thing

It lifts the burden

It makes my heart sing

The dawning of a new day is crowned

Happiness opportunities abound

The path is not to frustrate

Let wonder proliferate


Just a quick note to any of my readers. On June 1 I was involved in a nasty bicycle accident and will not be posting probably for at least two weeks. The pain medications seem to interfere with the creative process.


The first one is a repeat from a prior day.


The pen is an unformed repository of words

Not like the keyboard designed for nerds

The poet unleashes another day

Words are nourishment, not just something to say

Let your mind go free, your heart will be strong

A little chaotic nonsense won’t take long

For the seeds of serenity to grow,

The words of the poet are something to know

The structure of the verse is inconsequential

Feelings, emotions are the foundation of sensual

Breathe, release, breathe, release, all will be well

Embrace the new day, many stories to tell


We are all on this planet together

We cannot deny that butterflies affect the weather

Be kind, not just to people, but to mother earth

We can survive, we can even thrive

We will perpetuate the feeling of mirth

We must save the bear and the hive

It’s the little things that make our life grow

We must be careful; we reap what we sow

Reach your hand down, pull up a friend

If we all work together, humanity will never end







He drives down the road, chasing the sun

The miles clip by, he’s singing for fun

The dry sand and sage brush go by in a blur

The scorching sun makes it so hot, not an animal will stir

Slowly, sadness comes over him, making him gray

A day much like this, the grim reaper took his partner away

Life isn’t fair, sometimes it seems mean

The circle of life can feel like a bad dream


The old Adirondack chair has seen much life

It keeps the secret of the wildlife

Many of the days have been good

The weathered paint is peeling from the wood

Been sitting outside for a generation and more

Lucky its not rotten to the core

Made of sturdy stuff, probably outlast me

Much neglect, happy its not angry at me

Been with me through most of my existence

A stalwart friend in my liberation and resistance


25 jasmine register flaming shock float

The intoxicating fragrance of jasmine filled the air

It was a shock to my senses, hardly seemed fair

The flaming sun scorched the earth

It failed to register, I just didn’t care

The light clouds in the sky appeared to float

I was happy and relaxed in my sporty boat

26 enigma abort fox shy chorus

The enigma of life will always be with us

We can’t be shy, confront it, don’t be careless

The chorus of naysayers are not our friends

Don’t abort the progress persistence transcends

Be known as the shrewd fox

Open the door with many locks

The key to the universe is in your hands

Devotion to truth and honesty are its demands

27 birth telegraph wisdom nexus waste

The birth of wisdom comes at the nexus of observation, perseverance, and determination

What a waste it would be to not take action

The core of wisdom telegraphs itself to all who listen

Wisdom lights the way, the path does glisten

Folly would be to not follow the path

Best not to incur Karma’s wrath