The first one is a repeat from a prior day.


The pen is an unformed repository of words

Not like the keyboard designed for nerds

The poet unleashes another day

Words are nourishment, not just something to say

Let your mind go free, your heart will be strong

A little chaotic nonsense won’t take long

For the seeds of serenity to grow,

The words of the poet are something to know

The structure of the verse is inconsequential

Feelings, emotions are the foundation of sensual

Breathe, release, breathe, release, all will be well

Embrace the new day, many stories to tell


We are all on this planet together

We cannot deny that butterflies affect the weather

Be kind, not just to people, but to mother earth

We can survive, we can even thrive

We will perpetuate the feeling of mirth

We must save the bear and the hive

It’s the little things that make our life grow

We must be careful; we reap what we sow

Reach your hand down, pull up a friend

If we all work together, humanity will never end







He drives down the road, chasing the sun

The miles clip by, he’s singing for fun

The dry sand and sage brush go by in a blur

The scorching sun makes it so hot, not an animal will stir

Slowly, sadness comes over him, making him gray

A day much like this, the grim reaper took his partner away

Life isn’t fair, sometimes it seems mean

The circle of life can feel like a bad dream


The old Adirondack chair has seen much life

It keeps the secret of the wildlife

Many of the days have been good

The weathered paint is peeling from the wood

Been sitting outside for a generation and more

Lucky its not rotten to the core

Made of sturdy stuff, probably outlast me

Much neglect, happy its not angry at me

Been with me through most of my existence

A stalwart friend in my liberation and resistance

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