25 jasmine register flaming shock float

The intoxicating fragrance of jasmine filled the air

It was a shock to my senses, hardly seemed fair

The flaming sun scorched the earth

It failed to register, I just didn’t care

The light clouds in the sky appeared to float

I was happy and relaxed in my sporty boat

26 enigma abort fox shy chorus

The enigma of life will always be with us

We can’t be shy, confront it, don’t be careless

The chorus of naysayers are not our friends

Don’t abort the progress persistence transcends

Be known as the shrewd fox

Open the door with many locks

The key to the universe is in your hands

Devotion to truth and honesty are its demands

27 birth telegraph wisdom nexus waste

The birth of wisdom comes at the nexus of observation, perseverance, and determination

What a waste it would be to not take action

The core of wisdom telegraphs itself to all who listen

Wisdom lights the way, the path does glisten

Folly would be to not follow the path

Best not to incur Karma’s wrath

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