First some thoughts: Each poem is an entity onto itself. Finishing a poem gives me a sense of accomplishment greater than the work involved. I wonder at what I have created. Different parts of our brain can only be accessed by different activities. Everyone should try new ways of accessing or expressing different parts of their brain.


People think I am an enigma

My philosophy is not exactly Buddha

But neither is it dogma

At all costs, I avoid drama

Trying not to invoke the wrath of Karma

For recreation, I dance the rumba

I never mastered the salsa

To have fun in life is my agenda

Keeping my mind going, wards off dementia

When I get a new car, it will be magenta

Maybe, as people think, I am an enigma


Friendship is about spending time together

We don’t care about the weather

Friendship is about having their back

When life launches another attack

Friendship is about extending respect

Even when our views don’t intersect

Friendship is about sharing laughter

When life is bad or good, it follows after

Friendship is about separate existence

Our time together creates abundance

Friendship is about friendship


There is an astronomical amount of writing churned out each day. The reasons for this are many. It could be for profit, spread political views, personal ego, spreading philosophical ideas, announcing scientific or other discoveries and the list goes on. Like many writers, I also have a little ego. I like seeing my creations in print, like many artists want people to see their works. I don’t have many people reading my work, but the mere fact there are more than a year ago feeds me a little. I also enjoy the challenge of writing something that makes sense, even if only to me. News Flash: I am human.

I write to solidify and structure ideas. It is an efficiency tool. It helps me move on. It prepares me for the next step in life. Thinking through ideas is like bees on a cluster of enticing flowers. You see them buzzing around, but the thought that the swarm of bees is constantly changing doesn’t occur. Bees come and bees go. The swarm is thought of as a single object, which it’s not. The same holds true when trying to think about a subject that may have some complexity to it. Little ideas come and they go. Some of them may have been a good contribution to the solution, but one can only hold so many ideas captive at one time. We think we have control over this, but it is extremely limited. I have read the human mind has 50,000 random thoughts a day. They are flying around like ping pong balls in a lottery drum. Writing down ideas “freezes” them and makes them a permanent part of the concept you are trying to evolve. New ideas can be added to the mix and the totality can be evaluated to see if it makes sense. Incongruent ideas can be discarded. This little essay is self-describing. All of these thoughts didn’t come at once. I put a seed down on paper and the concept grows over time. It may be 20 minutes or two days. It doesn’t matter.

Another thing about writing: it frees me from having to retain things. If I know it’s written down somewhere, I no longer have to worry about remembering it. Writing is a destresser. Writing creates freedom. Writing communicates my thoughts to others. Another thing about writing: recently I started writing poetry. It accesses parts of my brain I didn’t have access to before. When I read some of the things I have written, I am in wonder, not because I believe it is great but because I almost don’t recognize myself in it. With some of my poetry, I can point to specific triggering events. I believe it is changing me and the direction I am taking makes me feel better about myself. There is much writing about self-improvement and one of the things mentioned often is keeping a journal. My writing, both essays and poetry, is my form of journaling. I really intend to keep writing for a long time.



When all is said and done

Life should be filled with fun

Save serious thought for another day

Let’s go out and play?

Let’s unleash another day

We can dance the night away

Perpetuate the feeling of mirth

The dance of life, here on earth

Many opportunities for today

Can you come out and play?


Today is a journey into the unknown

One thing is sure, this day isn’t a clone

Life is experience waiting to happen

Sit not on the bench, take action

The future is not cast in stone

Have something to write on your tombstone

Live life as you want it to be

Being proactive with life is the key



The independence of partners is equal

The facets of the bond are ample

The respect is reciprocal

The commitment is not casual

Truth and honesty are crucial

The guide is to be faithful

To do otherwise would be unbearable

The serenity of love is blissful


I filled my body with today’s first meal

It made life seem real

I filled my body with happiness

It dissolved my feelings of aimless

I filled my body with sadness

The sun came and lifted the darkness

I filled my body with wonder

An open mind and body is the answer

I filled my body with curiosity

I became more worldly

I filled my body with gratitude

It vastly improved my mood

My body was filled with love