First some thoughts: Each poem is an entity onto itself. Finishing a poem gives me a sense of accomplishment greater than the work involved. I wonder at what I have created. Different parts of our brain can only be accessed by different activities. Everyone should try new ways of accessing or expressing different parts of their brain.


People think I am an enigma

My philosophy is not exactly Buddha

But neither is it dogma

At all costs, I avoid drama

Trying not to invoke the wrath of Karma

For recreation, I dance the rumba

I never mastered the salsa

To have fun in life is my agenda

Keeping my mind going, wards off dementia

When I get a new car, it will be magenta

Maybe, as people think, I am an enigma


Friendship is about spending time together

We don’t care about the weather

Friendship is about having their back

When life launches another attack

Friendship is about extending respect

Even when our views don’t intersect

Friendship is about sharing laughter

When life is bad or good, it follows after

Friendship is about separate existence

Our time together creates abundance

Friendship is about friendship

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