The sweetness of life is a vindication

Doing the right thing is the anthem

The work of justice is never done

One day, a peaceful world we will become

Hard work and fortitude required here

Attention required, the end is near

We have the power, nothing to fear

We are common residents of this wondrous planet

The opportunities are an astonishing banquet

Respect and acceptance are required

The utopia we desire will be acquired


When feeling blue, I drive to the beach

While a fair drive, it’s within reach

The wind and miles of sand

Wash away the cares of the day as planned

The quiet little tourist town

Yuppies acting like a clown

Can’t leave town without caramel fudge

Need to walk, so waistline doesn’t budge

Starting peaceful drive home, troubles emptied

Back to regular life, no longer frenzied


Dance with me, the night is young

No rhyme or reason, the fun has begun

The music inhabits our soul

Moving around the floor, a tranquil stroll

The fantasy of life goes by in a blur

Reality disappears, ecstasy grows deeper

The world of dance is an amazing place

It might be the salvation of the human race

The legs ache from crazy abandon

Sadly, signaling the evening is done

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