31 sustainable medieval bride wear disturb

Deer grazing in a mountain meadow

Sustainable peace on a spring day mellow

Bears eating wild berries with flavor rife

Do not disturb their flow of life

Rabbits raiding my garden, many crimes

This hasn’t changed since medieval times

Spring is the bride of the new year

It is the harbinger of all that is clear

Colorful are the clothes we wear

Start each new day without a care

32 compass quick anchor echo pander

To make it through life, we need a compass

A meandering course will lead to a morass

A quick decision is not always the right thing

The wrong choice can leave the heart aching

Don’t pander to the wants of others

Believe all troubles will pass

To echo their thoughts is self-betrayal

The words of wise ones are not drivel

Anchor yourself in the now

A life of peace, confidence will endow

33 fresh rust betrayal feral reason

Do not conform, live life feral

Embrace the color purple

A fresh perspective makes the challenge easier

To prepare, be a lifelong learner

Reason is not always the solution

The path to follow is decisive action

Beware the betrayal of false information

Platitudes coated in obscuring rust

Are not the truths we should trust

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