Against my better judgement, I have been reading some books on writing poetry. Some of it is helpful and some conflicts with my core writing values. These conflicts create a dissonance I hope I can wash away without too much influence on my writing.



I opened my spirit, I am in control

The heavy rush of air fills my soul

It reminded me of a fresh spring day

My morning cup of earl grey

Sweetened the start of another day

The delicious challenges awaiting me

I know I’m ready, I won’t flee

Adventure and experience sustain my soul

I follow my spirit, I am in control


I remember those days of shame

Friends don’t associate with my name

I alone carry the weight

The others have no cause to hate

Each day I meditate

To exorcise the feelings we all carry

To feel good, create a boundary

To live in the present

Makes all our lives pleasant


The dusty trail stretched ominously before me

Lined with brush, stones, and boulders

I could taste the heat and dust

Nary a tree in sight

From the glaring sun, no respite

In the distance, the view is blurry

In the day, no wildlife ventures out

The silence is almost a shout

Sweat coursing over my body

Hard to believe this was my choice

Yes, I am enjoying the strange form of fun

When I arrive back at my car

I still only see our lonely star

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