The crimson dawn crept into view

Another beginning, the day it was new

I pulled on the trusty shoes, ready to start

My body ached like armageddon, but I still had heart

The years had been many, the miles had been countless

The roads have been many, the route has been aimless

What is the meaning of it all?

I need to know before the fall

One more day, here I go

Another meaningless trek, at least no snow

Home again, the morning went fast

Every day, I hope it’s not the last

The sun beating down wakes up the town

So many people with priorities upside-down


Can you come out to play?

We can dance the night away

A fitting respite from a dreary day

We must not toil our life away

As we twirl around the floor

The ecstasy has just begun

We flow into the music

We become one

On and on, we hope the magic never ends

When the evening is over,

Once again, we’ll just be friends


You chart your own destiny

The roadway of life is not a we

You can be on a parallel path

Your right to chose

Might incur some wrath

It can be a Sophie’s choice,

Chose to be free

Have no regrets in the aftermath