Karma can be fickle and unpredictable

It can lead us on a path blissful

It can lead on a route to heartbreak

Only you can stop the ache

That karma exists, you needn’t agree

You are who you want to be

Ignore the meandering route to platitude

Chose the path to love and gratitude



Poetry is the vessel of life

It denies many a strife

It’s the undiluted essence of man

Like frozen fruit punch in a can

Mixed with a fifty percent vodka solution

Life is not an illusion

To be experienced, it must be read

This is not something to dread

The true story is in the reader’s head

Each time is different

Each person is different

It lets thoughts run free

Become who we were meant to be

Like a fine piece of artwork

Must include a person to make it work

However small, change is timeless

Becomes an inseparable part of us



The sea is powerful, lonesome, and desolate

Stand before it, not luck but kismet

Cast your fortune, harness it’s power

Comfort and excite for many an hour

All life began in its fury

Return to it now, cast off the worry

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