Love is a single flower in a grassy field

With freedom, it will increase the yield

The colors light and airy

Emotions as if touched by a fairy

Serenity drifts through consciousness and air

The eternal flame burns without a care

Resolute in its strength to conquer all

The synergy of love will never fall


The rain softly cascades down

The collective tears of humanity touch down

The catharsis of expression is freeing

Sends our cares and worries fleeing

Nourishing and encouraging springs new life

Shielding and escaping a life of strife

I stand in the rain, it doesn’t bother me

I can’t wait to revisit the sea


The kiss of hope

It’s a blissful thing

It lifts the burden

It makes my heart sing

The dawning of a new day is crowned

Happiness opportunities abound

The path is not to frustrate

Let wonder proliferate

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