I tolerate muscle soreness after a hard work-out, but beyond that, I find the words tolerate, tolerance, and tolerant to be of limited utility. They imply there is something wrong with what is being tolerated. The most common usage is to refer to a subdivision of humans to which we don’t belong. I disagree with this usage. I don’t think it matters whether a person is black, yellow, olive, white, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, male, female, atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, gay, lesbian, or anything else, if they don’t infringe on my personal freedom, they are just humans, we are all the same. If they do infringe on my personal freedom, then they are elevated to annoying human. I try not to be annoying to other humans. I can’t always be on perfect behavior, but I try to acknowledge my mistakes and fix them. Until we can all come to this realization, the troubles we have had throughout history will continue to be repeated ala “Groundhog’s Day”.

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