Abortion Rights

Values, structures and morals are arbitrary, and are situationally dependent.

It is a little difficult for me to write about abortion rights because, being male, I have never been in the position of being pregnant with a child that I didn’t particularly want. And yet most of the people making the misogynistic laws pertaining to this are the same. In addition, most of the moral arguments are religious based. Only 38% of the population is religious and yet they have an undo influence on the legislative process. There is no moral, ethical or any other justification for regulating abortions. Whether a woman has or doesn’t have an abortion is a decision that has no impact on anyone else, save some selfish motivations. Women have the right not to be interfered with because of gender. All known, medically sound abortion procedures should be freely available, without undo complications. Several of the Midwest “red” states have recently increased the difficulty of getting a legal abortion through various administrative procedures.

Why should anyone other than the woman who is pregnant be a party to any decision regarding the future course of her life? She is the one who will have to bear the pregnancy. She will be primarily responsible for the care of the new life for the next 18-20 years. It will be her life that is most impacted. In this matter, I don’t believe age is a factor, and most state’s laws are sympathetic to this. Why should a young woman be subjected to motherhood before she is ready based on the desires of her parents to have grandchildren?

Personal Opinion:  The sperm donor should only be involved to the extent as mutually agreed to by both parties. Accept when a contract was entered (for example: marriage) prior to conception, the donor should have no obligation to support the child. I know this is contrary to current legal theory and ethics. Why should his future be decided by whether the woman decides to have an abortion? I do think the male should contribute to the cost of the abortion. We are all free to make choices, but with freedom comes responsibility. A person should think a little before acting. Set personal limits before a situation arises. Urges are only uncontrollable because we don’t want to control them.

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