Too Much Anger

One need not go far to run cross a comment or article by an observer of the world situation or the political climate in the United States, that doesn’t speak to the polarization, anger and venomous rhetoric of the vocal minority. This is a situation that has been growing over the last few years and is best exemplified by the current pollical climate in the United States or other world events such as Brexit. This is an unsustainable course of human thought. We are becoming increasingly isolated and angry and intolerant of those who don’t agree absolutely with us. To intimate there might even be one mitigating factor is considered blasphemy. I admit I have at times felt this. It is just part of the mental plague that is sweeping the earth. I am doing what I can to flush it out of my life.

It is not necessary to modify your beliefs or goals, just tone down the rhetoric. Be willing to at least listen to the other side. They wouldn’t have a position if there wasn’t at least some truth or logic to it. Be willing to compromise. Break problems into parts small enough to find something to agree on, even if it seems almost insignificant. We need to get back to the state where actual dialogue can happen and allow progress towards a better world. The alternative is eventual world anarchy. Help keep us on course to real civilization.

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