A couple of days ago, I wrote another blog post. It was an easy one to write because I was angry, and the words just flowed. When it was finished, I was distracted by another task and didn’t post it right then. Later, I started thinking (I’ve often been accused of thinking too much), what would posting this accomplish? I was commenting on an event precipitated by the polarization and ideological divide currently existent not just in the USA, but around the world. The anger we feel is the fuel keeping these fires burning. The way to extinguish a fire is to deny it fuel. I would posit our current response to the pandemic and the economic carnage associated with it is in large part due to the hate and anger prevalent. To be sure, me not posting a little blog that might eventually be read by twenty people, isn’t going to change much. There is a certain segment of the population destined to be angry no matter what the current reality is.

I have read that psychologists believe feeling anger in certain situations is a good thing and allows for the release of these negative emotions. The key is the release. This is what we need to work on. Continual negative opinions, paraded in front of you, makes it hard to release.  Don’t be benignly complicit in spreading these feelings. If even once in a while, we say “enough” and pass on a good thought or even a neutral one, we will start trending in the right direction. The problem will take generations to fix, but we have to start somewhere. The alternative is chaos.

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