I don’t have any training in poetry, so I googled poetry to see what it is. This is the definition I found: “literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm”. I’m going to say what I do when I say I’m writing poetry matches this definition. I’ve put together some descriptive phrases for my poetry: some are painful to squeeze out, some write themselves, some take on a life of their own, some are contorted, surprising, masterful, amateur, profound, arcane, weird, but not all at once. That is for the reader to judge. Rather than titles, I’ve decided to just number them. They are short (at least for now) and they are their own title. I found a source of about 500 words. I put them in a spreadsheet and randomly sorted them and put them in groups of 5. Here are a few more. The first two are from someone else’s grouping.

4 avarice ambition envy anger pride

Ambition and pride are precarious bedfellows

Are we yet winning

Avarice is the progeny of envy

Life again becomes a ring

Kindness conquers anger

It makes my heart sing

5 hello betrayal France lily flair

The world greets me and says hello

It has abandoned the old forms of betrayal

It displays a flair like never seen

A single lily is the best in France I have been

6 number frame exit art jockey

The number is just a frame of mind

Life is about the art, not the exit

We are just a jockey riding life to the sunset

The ride is all we have, exalt in it

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