QUOTE OF THE DAY: “ask not what he meant when he wrote it, but what you felt when you read it”-me

19 vein scissors season room crest

The vein in his forehead pulsed with an anger few people feel

He felt the anger crest and roll through him, it was real

In a forgiving world, this anger was out of season

With gleaming scissors, he cut the lonely flower without a reason

In the gloomy room, it stifled anger and spread goodwill like a beacon

20 pernicious saddle pen rove fizzle

A flood of complaints at the counter is pernicious

Makes one want to rove the world and not be callous

Time to get back in the saddle and greet a new day

Grab a bucket of zeal, make this your new play

Let not your energy fizzle, pump it up, go your way

Pen your best thoughts, they will comfort you when you go astray

21 yellow tempest lemon spin incredible

Life can be a tempest under a microscope

Without help, it can be hard to cope

Music answers man’s incredible, eternal thirst

Evil will spin a web that is cursed

Smell the yellow rose, reorder priorities first

Life is not a lemon, there is always hope

Ignore the worst

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