To be loved is the perpetual thirst

To deny it will leave you forever cursed


In the beginning, love is fragile

As it grows, it gains strength ample


To successfully love another

First, love yourself or be failure


Love came quietly, casting its spell

It had me in its grasp before I could tell


Love must be given freedom to grow

Unrestricted, it creates its own flow


Emotions are rampant, out of control

Bonding and serenity are the eventual goal


The world spins by, we don’t care

We just want to be a pair


Hand in hand, we stand facing the wind

With communication, we become disciplined


Trust is essential, built over time

Carefully constructed, can last a lifetime


Openness and truth are the foundation

Without them, we haven’t begun


Make no assumptions, be not a fool

Continuous communication is a basic rule


Take every opportunity to learn your partner

Things never stay the way they were


The touch of your partner is not to miss

Above other things, creates bonding and bliss


Time with your partner is never wasted

It solidifies and makes it grounded


An uplifting word will always be heard

Done daily, it’s never awkward


A compliment is never out of place

Anytime is good, inject it any place


An occasional gift helps it grow

Life is better in the afterglow


The work is not hard but rewarding

The results can make your heart sing


To be loved is the perpetual thirst

To deny it will leave you forever cursed



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