Out the window, a dreary day

No drugs to make the blues go away

Just experiencing it is the meaning of life

Let it in, open the door

Get in the flow, you won’t need more

Allow your passion to run free

Being open to all around is the key

Rest your doubts, let it be


Take me back to the passions of my youth

Live the real life, that is the truth

Like the song “Nothing Else Matters”

Life is not for the actors

Let it flow, bask in the glow

To do less makes existence bareness

Live life with awareness


Where are you? My soul mate

Searching for you, the time is late

I long for the serenity of your touch

For you to appear is not asking for much

I know you are lonely too

When we meet, will no longer be blue

Our friendship will marvel many

Living our life, we will be free

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