It is difficult to write after the events of the past day, but I will try.

Political ideals, social justice and economic principles are all part of a system of running the world or country that each of us has. The systems are unique to each of us. My system is unique to me. It will be slightly different tomorrow based on information and thought garnered today. The writing I do helps me organize my thoughts. Although I can’t define everything that has happened in the last two days, there has probably been a great deal of change in my system.

Our Constitution was the best collective thought 200 years ago. It’s been amended 27 times since then. The process for amending the Constitution is very cumbersome and slow. It was a compromise when written and I believe it has slowly become more out of touch with the needs of our country. In my opinion, it has four major flaws: The electoral college should be abolished, the Senate should be abolished, the ERA should be enacted, and voting guidelines in national elections should be governed by national, consistent laws giving everyone the right to vote.

The United States is supposed to be a democracy ruled by the collective will of the people. Unless the above changes are made, the collective will of the people is not being heard. Many times, in the last 50 years, the person receiving the majority of the votes hasn’t been the president. The electoral college and the Senate are relics of the United States’ slavery past and should be abolished as part of a first step to eliminating systemic racism. With the Senate, a small minority of the American population can control what happens and stymie progress. There is ample evidence of this happening in the last few years.

2 thoughts on “A SYSTEM

  1. I agree! Clearly, as evidenced by the fiasco in the 1/5/2021, a large percentage of US citizens feel powerless and unheard. By the way, I recognized some of the more outrageous actors from other protests during the summer of 2020. I still think that the most difficult current event is knowing that media is often slanting stories due to bias. This is puke all be so much easier if we knew what reports are true.


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