I do, what to some is, a lot of reading. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Due to my space and budget limitations, I purchase very few books. My main source is the library. I like to do a lot of things they way it is recommended not to, therefore I select many of my books by the cover. I usually check out more than I can read before they are due. If I start reading and the writing is poor or the subject is presented in an uninteresting manner, I just close the book and move on to the next. I have started keeping a list of the books that I have finished. I didn’t keep track of when I started the list, but I will guess it was around September of 2022. I can see that most of the books on the list have impacted the way I think. The last week or so, the reading has been a little heavy, so I cleansed by binge watching the first season of “The Good Place” on DVD, also checked out of the library. I am providing the list here, not as recommendations, but as background to my writing.

authortitlecommentscatalog number
MACDONALD, HECTORTruthhow truth can be selectively manipulated to create competing truths121
Harris, SamFree Willhis argument is we don’t have it123.5
KORKKI, PHYILLISThe Big thinghow to tackle a big project of your own making153.3
VEDANTAM, SHANKARUseful Delusions: the Power & paradox of the Self-deceiving braininsightful153.4
PETROCELLI, JOHNThe Life-changing Science of Detecting Bullshit 153.42
BENNETT, MICHAEL AND  BENNETT, SARAHF*ck Feelingspragmatic approach to feelings, and life problems158
SYFRET, WENDYThe Sunny Nihilista different take on philosophy158
LIVINGSTON, GORDONToo Soon Old, Too Late SmartThis was a saying my grandfather used to say. The book contains 31 short pieces of wisdom158
Jones, LucyLosing EdenHow nature effects our physical and mental wellbeing.304.2
PIKETTY, THOMASA Brief History of Equalitya good primer on equality and the reasons for growth and some needs for the future. Told from the French perspective.305
GORNICK, VIVIANThe Solitude of selfbiographical essay on Elizabeth Cady Stanton305.42
GLADSTONE, BROOKSThe Trouble with Realityshort but very informative on the current political scene306.2
BENNETT, MICHAEL AND  BENNETT, SARAHF*ck Lovepragmatic approach to relationships306.7
BISHOP, GARY JOHNLove Unfu*kedgood advice in general306.7
Thaler, Richard HMisbehaving: The making of behavioral economics 330.019
Kishtainy, NiallA Little History of Economicsgood background330.09
REICH, ROBERT B.SAVING CAPITALISMThe problems with capitalism and some possible solutions330.973
Gates, BillHow to Avoid a Climate Disastergood baseline363.738
COLE, JONI BGood Naked: Reflections on How to Write More, Write Better & Be Happierwriting resource808.02
SMIL, VACLAVNumbers Don’t Lie: 71 Stories to Help Us Understand the Modern Worldinteresting factoids909
Moore, LEONARDTeaching Black History to White Peoplegood primer973.0496
FRANKFURT, HARRYOn Bullshitgood read 
FRANKFURT, HARRYOn Inequalitygood read, good campanion to “A Brief History of Equality” by Piketty 
FRANKFURT, HARRYThe Reasons of Loveclassic philosophical reasoning 

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