The one thing, I think, both Democrats and Republicans can agree on is politically the country is deeply divided. I have read a few books and blog posts purporting to explain this and why it is so hard to effect change. They all have different opinions and reasons. After thinking about it some, I have concluded they are all valid explanations. The problem is incredibly complex. I am not going to list them here because knowing isn’t going to change them.

There is hope. I did read a study, that sounded plausible, the there is a slow drift in demographics towards a population that is more progressive. Mostly because white males will make up a decreasing percentage of the population. The study also stated that the factors that tend to cause people to get more conservative as they get older are less prevalent. These are factors such as home ownership and starting a family. The fact that more people are struggling just to make ends meet means that more people are seeking help. Normally, when people reach around forty, their political leanings are getting locked in. That the things that cause conservatism haven’t really kicked in increases the likelihood their political outlook will remain progressive or at least moderate. The forecast is in eight to ten years, this will be locked in. We can only hope.

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