I Haven’t posted any poems in a while, so here are a couple.


Music is the soul of life
Without it life has no substance
It is fundamental to existence
It is the ethos of joy in life
It is the lifeblood of creativity
It exiles stress from our lives
With it, life is a lavish feast
Banish all that is wrong
It will enclose you in bliss
It creates its own radiance
With music, life is in balance
Listen to music, be at peace

Quest for knowledge

The eternal quest for knowledge
Without it life is a void
It is the escape from the abyss
Knowledge is the bridge from cluelessness
Knowledge needs a receptive gallery
A generative field on which to grow
Positive stimulation is the bedrock of knowledge
It is the stimulus to make humanity develop
It is the fuel of change
Today I learned intumesce
It’s what happened to my knowledge
Every day it generates anew

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