Music for Decompression

I was going to post some political shit today, but I was distracted by some music. I turns out I needed a decompression day. What better way than listen to music? I believe it is almost impossible to over state the importance of music to humanity. Even better, I discovered a new to me musical group. Songs I’ve heard before with new interpretations. The moods of music are endless. I haven’t finished the entire playlist yet so they will await another day. The following poem was published here in May of 2021


It is known music soothes the savage beast
This is as true as the sun rises in the east

Music is a magical thing
A million variations make my heart sing

Music can make you happy
Sometimes it makes you feel sappy

It gives movies character and strength
To do its job, it will go to any length

Music can stir anyone to a crazy dance
Music makes the world a better place,
Just give it a chance

I have over 30 playlists on YouTube. One is a study of different interpretations of “Nothing Else Matters” by Metalica. Even if you don’t like the group, there will be at least one interpretation that you will enjoy.

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