Fortunately, we don’t always know why things happen. It takes some of the boredom out of life. I can make up reasons. A psychologist can make up reasons, but are they real? Over the last couple of weeks, I have started spewing out poetry again after a long hiatus. I do notice it is somewhat different than what I have written in the past.

POEM 100

Nature is never cruel
The cycle is always in balance
One dies so others may live
High up on the beach
Lies a dead seal
Surrounded by vultures and eagles
More than I have seen in one place
The circle of life spins at a dizzy pace
No shame, no remorse
I hear the death dirge
It plays as new life springs forth
It’s the way things are

Poem 97

Life in a fortress of solitude
Peaceful, but not a great attitude
Planning my escape for an infinity of moments
The eternal question
Do we have free will?
Is not really a question
We are playing word games
We need to get out of our head
We each have a destiny
Defend it with your existence
It’s all you’ve got

Poem 95

Standing on a lonesome ridge
Arms stretched to the sun
trees in every direction
telling me the wisdom of the ages
creatures large and small
watching as I answer the call
I am one with nature
Nature is one with me
Our futures are entwined
Every day, a different wind blows
Our journey is forever forward
Floating in peace

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