The quest for knowledge is the purpose of life
It will be chiseled on my tombstone
Having knowledge will light the way
Will quench the simmering blight of ignorance
It is not about faith
Curiosity is the fertilizer of growth
Open to new possibilities
Life spreads into a new future
Consider the consequences
View the future through a new lens
Life twists and turns
Embrace a tranquil reality
Use new knowledge to choose a path
Each step is something new
Accept what comes with gratitude


A thought comes from nowhere
It must be somewhere
I say what I think I know
Sometimes like new fallen snow
Words I don’t understand
Have I been to Wonderland
They just appear on the page
My mind going on a pilgrimage
It knows where it has been
It wants to go there again


How do I see the world
Through rose, emerald, or sun glasses
Different day, different lens
The lens is never clear
What is reality
What is truth
Light and dark, like the moon
I see what I want to see
I don’t see what you see
Can’t you see what I see?

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