“Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego'”- Friedrich Nietzsche

Ego is (in my opinion) a major economic force. Our desire to dress better, drive a better car, live in a bigger home, etc., can bleed off a huge portion of our income. I am guilty of this, just not as bad as some because my income is closer to my basic needs. I have overcome some of it and you can too. I drive an older car, but I have had many new vehicles in my life and their specialness wears off after a few months, then they become just transportation. Why not start with just transportation? Yes, they may need more service, but you will “earn”  $1,000 per hour for the inconvenience. Think of a trip to the shop as an opportunity. Do you need that bigger house? Or are you just trying to outshine your cousin? Wouldn’t you rather take a trip to hike the Grand Canyon or retire a few months earlier? You will always have the memories, but someday you will move out of the house and it will be out of your life. All this excess consumption is what keeps our economy going. Think what would happen if everybody cut back? Better that you do it quietly and have the pride of knowing you are in the lead in the real game. Its your life. Only you are responsible for the outcome.

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