Early Experience with Slow Cooker

I recently purchased my first slow cooker. As part of this blog, I have planned to publish a mini cookbook based on what I believe is a nutritious, easy to prepare diet. I have made several attempts to produce a meal in line with that. I have nothing that I feel worthy of inclusion. Creating a cookbook has some unanticipated problems. What do I do with the food? I want to explore many recipes, but with only one person eating, I already have a backlog in my refrigerator and freezer. I must change my eating habits in an attempt to keep up. The tightwad in me won’t let me throw it out, although one batch did go down the disposal because even I wouldn’t eat it. Cooking in a slow cooker takes a whole new mindset. I have always considered myself a good cook with few failures (more about cognitive bias another day), but slow cooking is a new challenge. I have $17 invested in the slow cooker. I will forge ahead. I will produce a cookbook. It just may take a little longer than I first estimated. Please be patient.

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