10 secret blind renew serendipity mere

The forest held the secret for so long hidden

The beauty distracted the seekers from their task

It made them blind to the treasure hidden within

The power to renew and again begin

The serendipity of the eternal forest

Was but a mere passing thought to ordinary men

11 forensic hinge milk spiral catholic

The spiral of consciousness is often a blur

We seldom slow to smell the myrrh

Unleash our forensic self to find the clue

The milk of kindness will create a new you

Don’t let your existence hinge on the will of others

Make yours a catholic view, not one of the actors

12 phoenix electric aurora thread desert

The human mind begins in the vast desert of emptiness

Ideas, thoughts, and visions arise like a phoenix from the dust

The electric creative process is the thread of progress

The plethora of ideas is the aurora of a life to trust


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