13 follicle ecstatic drone ostrich sleep

Peaceful sleep, refuge from the melancholy

We have a beautiful mind, use it I plea

Don’t be like an ostrich with our head in the sand

We are not a one-man band

A new view of the world

Through the eyes of a rose prismed drone

None of us should be a clone

Embracing the ecstatic play of a newborn lamb

Will get you out of a jam

Happiness is not a vestige of the past

It’s a follicle of future truth

It should not be passed

14 syncopate leather hair hello Jupiter

As I awaken from my slumber

My feet greet the floor, my hair asunder

The day says hello, life is truly great

Music from my guy style music system is syncopate

Jupiter is syzygy with Mars

The aroma of my leather recliner

Brings visions of a better life in the stars

15 erudite cube limestone France sober

Seventy years since sober, drunk on a constant stream of knowledge

Certainly not yet erudite, not either filled with garbage

The pinnacle of knowledge not yet written in limestone

Knowledge employs age like the fine wine of France

The cube of knowledge is still knowledge, its own clone

Progress worships knowledge like its own

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