Man looks up with a vacant stare

He knows there’s hope, just not where

It came to him one night

In a blinding flash of light

A smile came across his face

There is hope for the human race

Knowledge is the path to what is right

It scrapes away the simmering blight

Leaving the raw beauty without a trace


The sky is blue, a peaceful hue

The finches and chickadees came calling

The seeds from the feeder are falling

The clematis strangles the trellis

The dogs are barking because they are jealous

A peaceful aura radiates from hill to hill

The stroll down the well-worn path is such a thrill

Life can be a walk in the park

A single candle will pierce the dark


It is known music soothes the savage beast

This is as true as the sun rises in the east

Music is a magical thing

A million variations make my heart sing

Music can make you happy

Sometimes is makes you feel sappy

It gives movies character and strength

To do its job, it will go to any length

Music can stir anyone to a crazy dance

Music makes the world a better place,

Just give it a chance

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