In my poetry writing, my dictionary, rhyming dictionary, and thesaurus are my constant companions. We must all use the tools available to us.

22 relative omnipotent revolution oblique lambent

Life is interesting precisely because we are not omnipotent

The answer to the stream of experience is oblique

All choices are relative, most are a matter of judgment

Look for the choice with special lambent, not the one bleak

Life is a revolution, lead the charge, be magnificent

23 aureate cheese novella clumsy concuss

I was hoping this poem to be an aureate picture of life

Often, we are confronted with a clumsy verse

As long as it doesn’t concuss, it could be worse

Fortunately, not a novella, you would need some nightlife

This was to be very terse, using the word cheese

Makes it irrelevant and inverse

24 elliptic wall moon black myopic

The moon is in the seventh house, don’t be a dope

The elliptic orbit changes all that can be foreseen

Our view of the future is myopic, but not without hope

The night is inky black, moonlight is a beam

Kindness is not a wall, it will help us cope

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