Climate change is the biggest, long term problem facing our planet. It has entered a self-perpetuating loop. The average temperature has been increasing for years. The polar ice caps have shrunk to the point where their reflective value will no longer prevent further melting and rising sea levels. The level of oxygen in the atmosphere is decreasing. It is only a matter of time until the oxygen levels reach a point where human life will not be supported. When this happens, and humans cease to exist. The earth will start to regenerate and over some period of time will revert to the level it was 2000 years ago, with one major difference. We won’t be here.

This is preventable. We probably won’t do what is necessary. We will think we are working hard to prevent this, but not hard enough. Humans won’t dump their sense of entitlement to the fruits our planets offers. To prevent the apocalypse, all humanity must turn substantial resources towards not just reducing carbon emissions, which is the current thinking, but to actively clawing back lost ground. We must plant and maintain billions of trees. We must reduce our consumption of animal protein. We must develop nonharmful sources of energy. We need to stop the production of single use plastics. We need to reduce and eventually stop the consumption of fossil fuels. We must abandon the consumer culture. We can live a fulfilling life. It will just be different than the life we are living now.

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