60 A DAY

It’s another beautiful sunny day

Sure to keep the blues at bay

The cares of the world float away

Do what you must to get to the play

Friendship coffee in a cozy little café

A walk on the windy beach takes me halfway

A positive attitude makes life okay

We live in a perpetual Saturday

Walk with me, it’s not a workday


The ground is covered by a blanket of snow

Watching out the window, sipping my cocoa

Gently falling, creates its own flow

The peace and tranquility help my happiness grow

Resting my head on a down pillow

The feeling created by a new rainbow

The eternity of time is but a shadow

The serenity of basking in the afterglow

Sometimes, the meaning of life is out the window

62 Soulmate

Somewhere lives my soulmate

To find her is largely up to fate

To achieve nirvana, must suffer many a date

The payoff is worth the wait

Her talents never underestimate

My feelings she will not discombobulate

Together, through life we will navigate

Our mutual growth will be appropriate

It will be great to have a lifetime playmate

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