New Beginning

It’s been a long time since I have posted on a regular basis. My intent is to start again. I have been reading some books on how to write because I have very little formal training. I am trying to incorporate it into my writing.

I am entering a new chapter of my life. I rented my condo and moved into an RV to live full time, the transition period was rushed, and many mistakes were made. It has caused me to develop a new life philosophy: forget yesterday, start today pointed in the desired direction and re-evaluate tomorrow, if appropriate. It boils down to: move on.

More writing is the last piece of the pie to be fit in. I’ve written a few poems over the last month and I will share one here:

Bold New Life

A new life on the road

I was so bold

It is different than I imagined

Success is certain, I am determined

I must learn to live again

I must proactively use my brain

Lady Karma has finished her drink

She knows where I am, I need to think

I’m in a new paradigm

Adjusting will take a little time

A new life on the road

This could be the best episode

I know not where I go

I wait for the directional arrow to glow

Cruising along, just being mellow

Moving along at a leisurely pace

Unlike early life, this isn’t a race

It’s way too late for saving face

A new life on the road

Go where the river has flowed

Take the path less traveled

Seek out the new or unique

Maybe even touch an antique

What’s the point of being rational?

The goals and experiences are personal

Bob and weave, avoid the strife

New chapter beginning, it’s a new life.

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