Another day

When I post, my intention is not to tell you what is on my mind. It is to encourage you to think, to create your own meaning. I am posting a poem without a title specifically because I want you to create your own meaning.

No one can put it in words

When it brings a moment of joy

When it kicks us in the teeth

We keep coming back, we know it’s worth

Man gains resolve from it

Woman lives with it in her blood

It’s the force that created civilization

It’s the crucible of life

It gives us the will to continue

Denying it makes it stranger

It’s the cement between people

It’s the motivation to create

Don’t think about it, be it

Don’t watch it, live it

Don’t shun it, receive it

Give it, it feels great

Accept the feeling, roll around in it

Smell its sweetness

Taste its bitterness

Touch its force

See its bliss

Hear its softness

People live for it

People die for it

Wanting it to end belongs to neither

Try to live without it

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