Most of us have seen what the end game of capitalism looks like. Just the think about the old board game “Monopoly”. One person with all the marbles. We are in an accelerating phase of this process. If we don’t want to all end up de facto slaves, we need to erect some boundaries very soon. Just something to think about for awhile and then take what action you can. I leave you with a couple of poems.


Love envelopes you like a cocoon

To its powers we are not immune

Love delivers warmth to make it through the night

Love creates forgiveness

Love is the foundation of empathy

Love bonds in strength

Love is the nemesis of stress

Love is the opioid of humanity

Love is never wanting to say goodbye

Love rolls in like fog, quietly, unstoppable

Love is support in trying times

Love accepts the differences

Love heals wounds, old and new

Love can make you crazy

Love is the glue that holds life together

Love is indescribable bliss

Love creates serenity

Love creates its own glow

Poem 4

Life is what happens when making other plans

The trick is to avoid too much strife

Relax into the wildlife

Live now, not in the afterlife

Life is yours to live

You only have one life

Make life your basis for fun

Live the life uncommon

Any occasion is cause for fun

Keep everything in proportion

Don’t succumb to superstition

Life can meet the definition of heaven

A healthy attitude is the only condition

Don’t spoil life with too much ambition

Attitudes are meant to be flexible, not frozen

Don’t let responsibilities become a prison

In your life, nay-sayers are the villain,

Just attack with a happy disposition

Life was not meant to be lived in isolation

Join with your partner in celebration

It’s time to surrender to the joys of life

Let the glimmer of happiness shine on you

With your happiness, don’t be a gambler

Be at peace, enjoy the rapture

Being happy is not sappy

Happiness is about understanding

Life is about collecting experiences

Life is about accepting the differences

Live your best life

Don’t deal with regrets

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