One of the problems with writing about politics, in the style I want to, is including everything I consider relevant. I’m not working from an outline, which maybe I should. In my post on Constitutional reform, I neglected to mention State’s Rights. Basically, the tenth Amendment to the Constitution states any power or right not specifically addressed in the Constitution is left to the individual states to administer as they see fit. In theory this is a good method. In practice, what happens is the country ends up with a hodge-podge of laws that are inconsistent and, in many cases, not especially functional when the actual collective good of the population is considered. To name just a few areas: education, resource management, public health, infrastructure, utility availability, dealing with climate change, and the list goes on.

Many things would be better addressed on a national level that are currently addressed on a state or local level. I will be addressing some of these issues and a method for implementing change needs to be available.

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