Often, I feel like the US and in general the rest of the world is like Sisyphus pushing that rock up the hill, except there is more than one needing to be balanced at the same time. It is a labor destined to go for a very long time, even with a great deal of cooperation.

The biggest problem, and the only one in which we all die if we don’t solve it is: Climate Change. One time, when I was part of a negotiating team, our leader stated we were approaching issues with surgical scalpels when we should be using a meat axe. That is where the world is now, indeed there is no shortage of scientists who state it may already be too late. We can’t continue fiddling while the world literally burns down around us. Most politicians, especially in the US are afraid to propose anything that might inconvenience someone. We have demonstrated we can address huge problems it we set to it. Witness the moon landing in 1969, directed effort of production in response to WWII or the development of the covid-19 vaccine in 2020. This is the type of effort the US must engage in and lead the rest of the world.

Of course, the biggest problem and contributor to global warming is the consumption of fossil fuels. We must set out a timeline for the elimination of their usage. Then we must deduct three years from that timeline and make it happen, no games or sleight of hand. Yes, there will be some economic disruption. That will be the price of admission to the year 2050. There is so much selfishness and greed at play. We must roll over these things. The smart people will figure out a way to lead a good life and lead the way.

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